The Animals



March 2007

Here's Devil Dog and her buddy.  This would make it seem as if Dalla and Chips actually like each other, whereas the truth is that they are constantly nipping and batting at each other.

March 2006

If you've read the journal, you'll know that the great Buzz is now the late great Buzz.  In 1990 I was sharing an apartment with good friend Bill when Buzz the kitten came to live with us, and Bill and Buzz were always buddies.  Bill wrote this little poem for Buzz, and I'm being very sentimental and including it here:


Buzz, what a handsome boy you were,

a true Russian Blue with shiny fur.

You were fun and always loved your toys,

you were a cat, but also one of the boys.

Out driving with your cap and gloves,

looking for gifts your Mom would love.

Hide and seek on Elmwood Avenue,

too bad Dee and Parisa had no clue.

The shaking in your body, and wild look in your eye --

who would have guessed that kitty cats could fly.

You sat on your Mom's lap for hours on end,

you were a comfort and a trusted friend.

Your personality was soft as cotton,

you will be missed but never forgotten.

The world was a better place for having you here.

I will miss petting you and scratching behind your ear.

 Love, Beal.

And Terco has found a new home, with a client of Jim's who has six other birds.  We felt badly about sending him away, but he's sure to be much happier in a home where he'll actually be able to come out of his cage during the daylight hours without our worrying that he'll take a bite out of one of the other household inhabitants.

Now we have only Dalla, but with Spring coming I wouldn't be surprised if there's another feline in our future.


We certainly don't want to put any noses or beaks out of joint, so for your viewing pleasure here are the true masters of our house.   And though there has been a request for Buzz to have his own page, he's going to have to wait just a little longer.

Since Anna and Jack  arrived, both of our buddies have been a bit put out, but they're starting to come around.  Buzz is talking to Jo again and Terco is doing his best baby imitations.

buzzbench.jpg (44912 bytes)     buzzice.jpg (40796 bytes)    buzztable.jpg (29206 bytes)

Meet Buzz.   Words are inadequate when describing his magnificence, and he knows it.   He's not much into active sports, but when there's ice cream to be had, he's first in line.  The loss of his tail doesn't seem to have affected him too much, and he can still wag those two little tufts at the end of his stump to show his displeasure.

Then there is Terco, the ruler of the lower kingdom (the family room).  His hobbies include watching tv and showering.

tercotv.jpg (37093 bytes)      tercowet.jpg (39503 bytes)    tercocopy.gif (30430 bytes)



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